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November 14, 2013
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Name: Kelebe Yezili


Age: 10 Sweeps (Approx. 21.7 Years)


Gender: Female


Blood Color: Jade


Sign: Fancy Spiral Shape


Strife Specibus: Staffkind


Modus Name: Mobile Modus


How Modus Works:

    ·         Items inserted into the modus are arranged into a delicate system of hanging ornaments, like a baby mobile.

    ·         The more items that are placed into the modus, the more difficult it is to pull an item out without disrupting the “balance” of the mobile.

    ·         If the modus becomes too unbalanced, items will fall out.


Lusus: Strawberry Poison Arrow Frog


Dream Planet: N/A


God Tier: Sylph of Heart [Or, this is what her god tier would be, assuming she was a player in a session.]


Land: N/A

    ·         Land Consorts: N/A


Trolltag: objectivePacifist


Physical Characteristics:

    ·         Height: 5’8’’ (172.7 cm)

    ·         Weight: 143 lbs. (64.9 kg)

    ·         Hair: Thick. Usually pulled back into a ponytail or two buns (with the rest of the hair flowing loose).

    ·         Injuries: N/A

    ·         Deformities: N/A

    ·         Posture: Rigidly straight.

    ·         Tattoos/Markings: N/A

    ·         Horns: Both curve towards her face. The one on her right ends in a triangular arrow head, while the one on her left hooks to the left.

    ·         Other notable aspects:

    o   Is a rainbow drinker with a nearly constant glow.


Typing Quirk:

    ·         Types normally, with standard grammar, capitalization, and punctuation.

    ·         Occasionally throws in basic Chinese phrases while speaking.

    ·         Sometimes uses emoticons, but only around close friends.

    ·         Speaks formally around strangers, and slightly less so around friends.


Ancestor’s Title: The Guardian.


Dancestor’s Name: Not applicable. She is not designed to be a session troll.



    ·         Normally calm in most situations and quite levelheaded. Good at handling disasters and emergencies.

    ·         Tends to try to avoid conflict at all costs, though if she must be involved she will either resolve the conflict or destroy the aggressor.

    ·         Extremely fond of children and grubs and very protective of them. She takes her duties as a jade blood in the brooding caverns very seriously and as a result is often viewed as very serious and maternal.

    ·         Though she may not come off like it at first, she is quite opinionated about most things, but opts not to tell anyone about it.

    ·         Will give advice if asked first, but will never go out of her way to settle arguments or conflicts, unless they affect her personally or unless the conflict challenges her personal beliefs.

    ·         Doesn’t particularly care for the Hemospectrum, but she doesn’t fight it either.

    ·         Believes in the preservation of life. If a friend is in mortal danger, not just involved in some petty conflict, she will move to help them, but will be less likely to try to help anyone outside of her friend circle.

    ·         Core Belief: Help those who need it the most, and leave the rest to fend for themselves. (Read as: “Children and friends in mortal danger come first, and everyone else can die for all I care.”)

    ·         Acquires patronizing tone when conflicts arise, as she feels most conflicts are very petty and worthless.

    ·         She can be rather stern at times, scolding those she seeks to protect for their behavior, and nagging them at times.

    ·         She’s not very good at telling jokes, and most of the time when told jokes, doesn’t understand them. Sarcasm tends to be lost on her, and she’ll just stare at you in confusion as you laugh, or become insulted, depending on the joke in question.



    ·         Asian themed. Prefers wearing short Chinese style dresses to Japanese kimonos, but doesn’t mind either. Usually wears a Chinese cheongsams, or similar articles of clothing.

    ·         Prefers shades of jade, pink, and white on her clothing.

    ·         Uses pins and hair ties to keep hair pulled back.




Matesprit -

Moirail -

Kismesis -

Auspitice -


Interests / Likes:

    ·         Grubs and children. She feels an instinctive desire to protect them.

    ·         Peace and quiet, away from the conflicts of the world.

    ·         Being asked for advice or her opinions.

    ·         Fluffy items such as plush toys and warm blankets.

    ·         Manners and polite behavior.

    ·         Bright light and warmth.



    ·         Conflict in the world: Wars, Politics, Racism/Hemo-prejudice, Love quarrels, etc.

    ·         Harm to children, grubs, or her friends.

    ·         Being forced into conflicting situations or having to choose a side between warring parties.

    ·         The dark and the cold.

    ·         Wet areas, such as caves. Doesn’t mind the ocean or sea. Ponds and swamps are still a big no-no, though.

    ·         Loud sounds.

    ·         Rude behavior for no good reason.



    ·         Kelebe also has a robotic form, tying in with her role as a potential heart player. She most likely received this robot from someone such as Cuprum Verdis, as some sort of passive aggressive hate gesture.


    ·         She exists on the planet of Isolertia.

EDIT: Updated her info a little bit.

Preview Pic (c) :iconyourroyalawesomeness:
Kelebe (c) :iconpistachiosloth:
Homestuck (c) Andrew Hussie
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YOUR NAME IS WLIIFO AKIPAI. You ARE A YELLOW BLOOD. A rather tall one too. YOU ARE CURRNETLY 8 SWEEPS OLD. You enjoy WOLVES, painting, helping out others, and cooking some. YOU HAVE A FLUSHCRUSH ON A BROWN BLOOD who would Proablly beat you up if you told her. AS YOUR FEW FRIENDS DESRICBE YOU, you are very Queit, and tend to keep to yourself.

God tier: Thief of Time
Extras: He's right eye was burnt off in an accident.
Has dark cicrles around his eye.
Wears a banda around his neck all the time.
Lusus is a wolf.
pistachioSloth Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I like him. :3 Let's make this happen.
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